Investment Management
                & Financial Planning

A process designed to avoid severe declines

Our style is based on the concept that participating in the extraordinary long term growth of our capital markets requires a sophisticated and flexible approach. We strive towards providing the most efficient investment vehicles for every component of our portfolios, but also recognize that capital preservation during severe declines can lead to substantially enhanced long term performance.  

When the tide turns we are willing to step aside in order to protect our client's wealth and we have developed a unique process for accomplishing this without over-reacting to every pullback along the way. 

Fairview Financial, established in 2002, is an independent Registered Investment Advisor with clients nationwide. By definition we have a fiduciary duty to provide advice that is at all times in the best interest of our clients. Independence means we are able to be completely objective and unbiased.  

Comprehensive financial planning 

Investment management is the core of what we do, however we recognize the importance of comprehensive financial planning and provide this service to financially established families at no additional charge.  

We deliver a clear view of your financial situation and can help you to understand how secure you are in covering your needs and reaching your goals.

401(k) Plan Investment Advice and Administrative Guidance

Offering a 401(k) plan comes with a wide range of challenges.  We also provide a comprehensive service designed to reduce the burden sponsors and participants face in working towards retirement savings - which results in greater acceptance, reduced fees and mitigated fiduciary risk.   


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Minimizing Risk & Volatility

Our dynamic approach is designed to avoid severe declines. 



Planning for retirement

Allow us to clarify what comes next.



Transitioning from growth to income

Solutions for today’s low interest rate environment.



Always knowing where you stand

Daily access to account values, documents and reports.